Writing this with my computer precariously balanced on a pile of papers, books and devices in between tones of packing and late night wo...

Writing this with my computer precariously balanced on a pile of papers, books and devices in between tones of packing and late night works, so you will have to excuse my lack on the blog but everything is changing in my life in the three months. New town, new job, new life, new friends...Is it enough? Being happy, scared and grateful at the same time. That's so strange but feel so great!
Milan really starts to feel like home. The city was new to me and my schedule was busy enough that I  probably see me rollin...

The week started as a fashion marathon, torn between fashion and healthcare management class, that's why I moved to Milan. Let's not forget the crazy taxi rides...also accompanying most high fashion run: Fay's rock soldiers, sparkling Gucci models and the message spelled out by the rainbow finale at Alberta Ferretti.
Covering every inch of skin with neutral colors mixed with pop prints at Erika Cavallini, where an oversize camel sweater and power blue leather pant made me stop right in my tracks! Or something more clear, pure as demonstrated by Albino.

As always Milan was such a perfect stage where glam and fashion meets without being noise, boring or such un-new. If I miss the Dolce show, where bloggers and influencers were invited to model I could said that the Dolce & Gabbana party was so great! Such a memories.
This year I didn't have time to plan my daily looks, but fortunately I had such a great partners that help to express myself.

Ph. Alberto Alicata
Special thanks to Compagnia Italiana

Day 1. Wearing Compagnia Italiana Cuba t-shirt (SS17) - Erika Cavallini wide pants (SS17) - Calvin Klein bag - Benetton coat - Kaleos sunnies 
Compagnia Italiana faux shearling - Erika Cavallini skirt (SS17) - Benetton shirt - Stuart Weitzman boots - Sunday Somewhere sunnies Isabella model - Balenciaga bag - Vintage earrings 
American Vintage coat - Compagnia Italiana pants and bag (SS17) - Valentino boots - Skagen bangle and watch - Celine sunglasses
Salvatore Vignola jeans jacket (SS17) -Maje knit - Compagnia Italiana pants (SS17) - Balenciaga boots and earrings - Serapian bag - Kaleos sunnies - Skagen connected watch
Compagnia Italiana coat - Maje knut - Zara denim jumpsuit - Celine shoes - Balenciaga bag - Celine sunglasses (Thanks to Salmoiraghi&Vigano)

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  1. Il tuo cappotto rosso è veramente eccezionale...regala luce a tutto l'outfit...
    Lavinia In The Wonderland

  2. You're really stylish girl!
    Beautiful watch!


  3. Uno stile a metà tra urban e casual chic...mi piace!

  4. So beautiful outfits. Love your bag collection <3

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