From left to right:   Jules Smith Papi ring, Jennifer Zeuner Jewelry  mini wishbone necklace, Vita Fede  mini titan crystal bracelet...

 photo GoldenJewelry_zps20740696.jpg

From left to right:

 Jules Smith Papi ring, Jennifer Zeuner Jewelry mini wishbone necklace, Vita Fede mini titan crystal bracelet, Jennifer Zeuner Jewelry Mattea double heart necklace, Gorjana Viceroy  bracelet, Monserat De Lucca flamingo earrings, Tom Binns safety pin wrap ring, Gabriela Artigas DuPont ring set, Jules Smith Edie thin stacking, Charles Albert woven cuff,  Jacquie Aiche alphabet letter initial ring, Gift Boutique three level jewelry box

Lately, I'm been enraptured with golden jewelry, with lends a luxurious and sexy element to any outfit. I would like to wear delicate bangles around my wrist and invisible necklace. Very sophisticated, timeless and I know I've said this before but it's definately something worth repeating...I love them!
This is a little list of jewelry I can't stop to think about, available at Shopbop.
I also really like Sarah & Sebastian jewelry as this, this and this.

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