< Peresteso wool jacket, Victoria Beckham Denim jeans, Prada chartreuse top and  dice catwalks clutch , market necklace, Bottega...

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Peresteso wool jacket,Victoria Beckham Denim jeans, Prada chartreuse top and dice catwalks clutch, market necklace, Bottega Veneta shoes and Celine sunnies

Only 2 day left before Christmas and we are getting our flats ready for holidays.Christmas spirit finds my house in these days: sparkling gifts increasing under the tree, deliveries arriving on time and tomorrow I'll cook with my mum for Christmas Eve dinner! So funny!
Anyway I almost live inside of my grey skinny jeans, they are amazingly comfy. This time combinated with a chartreuse (is green on acid) top and sparkling necklace that give the right attitude.Hope you had a funny weekend!

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