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April 3, 2012


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(Mauro Grifoni blue leather jacket, Pirelli skinny white pants, Maliparmi lace up shoes, Bulgari Chandra bag and Prada sunnnies)

A couple weekends ago I was in Milan wearing a monocromatic white outfit. I really like the simplicity of white with blue shades. I Love the great time I always have in Milan because of hang with my girls, do shopping, take a look of new boutiques and walk in its streets is something I can't describe. I feel so good there. My friend Francesca introduce me to Luini local in via Santa Radegonda,16 I have tried Panzerotto with tomatoes and mozzarella, it's so delicious!!Yoo should try. They are so tasty. Sublime.

Location: Piazza San Fedele, Milano, near Palazzo della Scala.

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