( Mauro Grifoni leather jacket, BK Select GSTQ t-shirt,  Zara pants , J.Crew Darby glitter slippers , Bulgari Chandra small bag) ...


(Mauro Grifoni leather jacket, BK Select GSTQ t-shirt, Zara pants, J.Crew Darby glitter slippers, Bulgari Chandra small bag)

Sparkling, sparkling, sparkling. At my feet the most glamour slippers that I have ever seen.
As you know even if I am a big fan of high heels I think flats is perfect for everyday, because our feet need a rest. So I suggest you to look for a pair of loafers or slippers as flats shoes you should have in your closet in black or sparkling pattern.
Quick post about what I wore today. I think I could always wear this Chanel's red lipstick, although I'm looking for a perfect nude lipstick to use everyday.

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